Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Tips Part 2

As a remanufactured Ink Cartridges user, you should know some ink cartridge troubleshooting tips. Be friendly, there are some tips introduced for you to shooting the trouble may appear in using ink cartridge. If you meet the trouble below, you can follow the related solution to shoot that trouble. Let’s have a look.


HP 901 Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Combo

Tip 1. If you meet the situation that Prints Only White Page, you should sure the tape has not been removed from the printhead, for air maybe trapped inside cartridge. At this moment, you should ensure the tape covering printhead has been removed. Then wrap the cartridge in an absorbent paper towel and shake lightly.

Tip 2. If there are many White Lines and Streaks, maybe the Printer contacts are worn or dirty or the printhead are partially clogged. Then, try the following steps to fix this trouble. Firstly, moisten a nonabrasive towel and gently wipe the printer contacts in avoiding touching the contacts with your fingers. Then, soak the printhead in warm water about 5 minutes by blotting the printhead with a nonabrasive towel. Lastly, re-install and use the cleaning cycle of the printer.

Tip 3. If the cartridge is leaking, you should consider whether the internal pressure is unbalanced at first. If that is true, use paper towel to fix the rest cartridge and then made the excess ink balance.

Tip 4. If there is Color Mixing or Cross Contamination caused by one color bleeding into another, make the ink cartridge onto folded and moisten the paper towel about 5 minutes, and re-insert the ink cartridge into your printer.

Tip 5. If the Print Quality is poor, it may be caused by paper fiber or debris buildup in the ink cartridge carriage, refer to your printer user guide to run routine cleaning cycles to fix this trouble. Moreover, run the routine maintenance on your printer to maintain peak performance and prevent debris buildup.

Tip 6. If the Cartridge used is not registering, verify that tape which is removed from the printhead. Then wipe cartridge printhead and printer circuitry with a nonabrasive towel in a Gent way to ensure there is no debris. Lately, turn the printer off and unplug the power cord and other cables. Then plug the cords and cables back in after 30 seconds.

Tip 7. There may be come out dell Cartridges which is Low or empty to display ink levels incorrectly. So, if your ink level appears to be empty on the Printer Software, please ignore this message & follow the instructions below which works for the Dell M4640 & M4646 ink cartridges to turn off or minimize the warning dialog box:

First, Select the Start In Windows XP and Printers & Faxes. Then, Select the Dell printer and Click FILE on the top right corner and select Printing Preferences from the pull down menu. Select the Advanced Options Tab and Click on More Options. Lately, Select one of the options such as Never Display the print status and Display the printing status minimized in task bar. At last, Press OK two times and close the windows.

Hope the tips above can help you out. Nice reading!

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