Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Tips Part 1

We all know that the Compatible Ink Cartridges are used widely in printers at home and offices. Thus, I’m sure there may be a lot of troubles come out. So, you’d better have a look at the product manual and knowing some normal Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Tips to get ready. As a friendly store, there are three shooting tips for you to solve the troubles you may meet. Hope these tips can help you a lot in using Compatible Ink Cartridges.

Epson T069120 New Compatible Black Ink Cartridge

Tip 1. Before using, you should install your print cartridge properly. In this way, the ink cartridges you have will last longer on the condition that the protective wrapping isn’t removed from the cartridge. Place the ink cartridge upright for at least 30 minutes before using will allow the ink to flow down to the print head and allow any oxygen bubbles to rise up and away from the print head. Therefore, you should be sure that you’ve removed the plastic strip from the ink cartridge and can install the print cartridge(s) correctly. Then make the head cleaning cycle run at least one time and print a test page to ensure the print cartridge(s) are installed and functioning well.

Tip 2. If the print quality is not good enough to meet your print demands, you’d better try the following the below step at first. That is, run the head cleaning cycle 2 – 3 times. If the printing quality is still does not work well enough, you have to contact the supplier or the products provider to solve this problem.

Tip 3. If the printer can’t recognize the ink cartridge, you first need to make sure that you have removed the plastic strip which covering the cartridge vent holes. Generally, the plastic is yellow in color. And then you need to follow the below steps to make the ink cartridge be recognized by printer. The steps are as followings:

Step 1. Get the Compatible ink cartridge removed from the printer.
Step 2. Power the printer off, and wait for about 2 minutes.
Step 3. Power on the printer and then re-install the Compatible ink cartridges.
Step 4. Run the head cleaning cycle.

After finished this four steps, check whether the ink cartridge has been recognized or not. If the cartridge still can’t be recognized, you need to ask the products provider to refer to some more help. Of course, there are not only three troubles appearing when the Compatible Ink Cartridges are using. However, the tips here maybe the quickest way to solve the problem happened to you. Have a nice day!

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