How to Install Brother MFC Ink Cartridges By Your Own ?

Modern printer is getting more and more advanced. It is getting faster and faster, the output time of a page cost just few seconds. It is getting smaller and smaller, and someprinter just weighs 4Kg. It is getting more and more convenient. If you want to print the contents from your screen even though you are away from your desk, just one touch is all that it takes. With one click, there’s no more extra editing or cropping of unwanted content-clutter from original web pages or documents. Some printer even have touch screen. Because of performing so many functions, there are plenty of advanced component insides the printer which is difficulty for user to figure out where to change the ink. With so many doors and latches inside, a simple thing like change the ink cartridges may cost half a day to just find out the place of the cartridge. However, these problems will not bother you if you use the Brother MFC series of printers. Equipped with advanced components, most importantly is the well-organized design, you will find that to maintain or change the ink cartridges is as easy as to find that only red coat in your wardrobe.

Brother MFC 5895CW Wireless Multifunction All in One Inkjet Printer

1.Switch off the printer to make the following operations are safe. Then find a small handle which is located at the top of the printer and pull it to make the ink cartridge door open. This should be done in a well-lit area, since you will need to be able to see clearly to avoid touching any circuitry within the printer while removing or installing cartridges. Touching sensitive circuits can cause damage and can result in printer malfunctions.

2.Press the replacement button which locates directly above each cartridge to release the empty cartridges. You should be aware that leftover ink may leak from the cartridge and could potentially cause permanent staining of items such as clothing, carpet, or upholstery. Thus, you are suggested to conduct a cartridge replacement on a protected surface and away from items that could be damaged by accidental ink leakage.

3.Switch on the printer and wait to let the printer acknowledge that the ink cartridges are removed.

4.Rotate the knob to release the cap for the later installation of the black cartridge.

5.Remove the cap. The new or refilled cartridge should be replaced in exactly the same position as the previous one. If the cartridge is new, it will likely have a small tab or piece of tape that must be removed before it is inserted into the printer. Some cartridges need to be snapped or clicked into place. Then the replacement button need to be pushed again to lock the new cartridges or refilled cartridges in place.

6.Repeat step 4 for the installation of other cartridges(Y, C and M). Please be noticed that you should match the correct cartridge to each slot.

7.Once the replacement is made, you should close the printer’s lid and wait for the printer to detect and calibrate the new cartridges. The charging or calibrating of the system may take a few minutes. You will need to click “Yes” or “Ok” in an on-screen popup to confirm the replacement of the cartridges.

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