How to Install a Virtual PDF Printer

How do you create a PDF files? Do you use Adobe Acrobat Software? I believe you do think Adobe Acrobat Software is expensive and take many internal storage of your computer. Well, I use a easier and smarter way to get me PDF files, the Virtual PDF Printer helps me to print and save the any kind of document as PDF file. The program can be easily to download and install on the Windows system to use. It another feature is this program can be shared with all the users in the local network just in a few clicks. Now I’m going to tell you how to install a Virtual PDF Printer.

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First, you need to get a computer with the system of Windows XP/Vista/7 and download Virtual PDF Printer from the Wondersoft’s website. Follow the installation wizard’s instructions.

Second, open the “Control Panel” through clicking the “Start” and double-click the “Printers”. You should see “Virtual PDF Printer” listed on the available printers. You can change the default printer through right-click on the original default printer and set as default printer.

3rd, if you need to share the Virtual PDF Printer with users on the local network, right-click on the icon and click on “Sharing…”

When Windows asks your permission to continue, click “Change Sharing Options” and “Continue”. There will be another dialog box pop up, just click “Share This Printer”

On Windows Vista and later version, the “Share name” will come out automatically without any above processes, you can field and auto-check the dialog box next to “Render print jobs on client computers” Keep these settings. As for the earlier versions, select “Shared as”, then “VirtualP”. If other users have different versions of Windows, go to “Additional Drivers” and install the drivers with the instructions. Otherwise, click “Okay”.

If you need to save the documents as PDF files, select “Virtual PDF Printer” to go printing page, a dialog box will automatically pop up and ask where to save the PDF files. Select the location you want and click “Okay”.

Isn’t it easy and convenient? With this Virtual PDF Printer, you have a printer and a PDF file maker; this is so good for students and the office. If you don’t need it, spend a little time to read this short blog and learn something new, it’s also a benefit. Hope this blog will help,if you need more information,please visit our website

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