How to Find Out the Page Yield of Printer Ink Cartridges?

As the rapid economic and technology growth needs, Printer is one of the necessities of home and office device. However, how to find out the page yield of printer ink cartridges is a great problem for most of people. Actually, if you want to create a PDF files you do not need to the expensive and bulky Adobe Acrobat software, only with the PDF printer it will able to save any of your document as PDF by simply setting your printer settings. Such a PDF program is easy for install on your computer and it got a little trouble. The following as the instructions for you.

How to Find Out the Page Yield of Printer Ink Cartridges

The first step of the instruction: Try to find the Virtual PDF Printer from Wondersoft’s website. After download it, follow the instructions to install this program.

The second step of the instruction: Click the Windows “Start” button and go to the “Control Panel.” double-click on “Printers.” You would find the Virtual PDF Printer is listed in the available printers. If you do not want this PDF printer as the default printer, try to right-click on the printer and choice your favorite printer and click “Set as default printer.”

The third step of the instruction: in case you can share the Virtual PDF Printer with other local network, right-click on the “Virtual PDF Printer” icon and choice “Sharing….”

The fourth step of the instruction: Simply click “Change Sharing Options” in Windows Vista and 7 and click “Continue” icon, when Windows asks for allow continuing. A new dialog window will show up. Check the window and next to “Share This Printer.”

The fifth step of the instruction: On Windows Vista or later vision, this will automatically local the “Share name:” field and auto-check the box next to “Render print jobs on client computers.” Do not try to change these settings. If for earlier versions of Windows, try to select the “Shared as:” field and go to “Virtua lP.” If you are use different versions of Windows, just click “Additional Drivers” and follow the instructions to install the correct driver for the other Windows versions. Then click “Ok.”

The sixth step of the instruction: in order to change a document to a PDF file, choice your word processor’s printer settings as “Virtual PDF Printer” and click the “Print. “icon, A dialog box will show up asking where to save your PDF file. Select the correct location and click “Okay.”

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