How to Connect to My Printer Via WiFi

A printer can be attached to a Windows network by using a wireless connection or a hardwired connection. If possible, it is a similar way to connect to the printer on desktop or a wireless laptop. Most people hold the knowledge that a wireless laptop is used for connecting to a small office or home network. Mapping to a printer location on the laptop becomes possible once you to the wireless network.

Samsung ProXpress M3320ND

Go to the Windows \”Start\” button. Click it and you’ll see \”Control Panel\” button to be selected. Find the \”Printers\” icon in the Control Panel and do a double click. Then \” Add Printer\” icon is the next to double click. Click \”Next\” to start.

Select \”A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer. \” to connect any machine to a remote printer on the network.

Enter the printer location.computer_name or printer_name.\ is the syntax for connecting to a remote printer. Right-click \”My Computer\” on the desktop, select \”Properties\” and you’ll find the computer name, which is given to the machine with a printer connected to it.
Select \”Next\” and enter a name for your printer. Again click \”Next\”. You can see the printer name in your printer settings.

Click \”Print a Test Page\” to send to the printer a print job. After a test page prints, click \”Finish\”. After all these steps, you’ll be able to use the printer on your wireless desktop or laptop.

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