Here is Canon BCI-6 PhotoM OEM Photo Magenta Ink Cartridge on Sale

Good news for you here, the Canon BCI-6 PhotoM OEM Photo Magenta Ink Cartridge is on sale in the largest American Ink Cartridge store before Dec 31, 2014. If you are an old customer of this store, you can know that there is not only just this one product on sale, but a lot of things including printer, ink, mobile product accessories, and so on. For the store is taking activities to celebrate the 7 anniversary. However, maybe you are only need this Ink Cartridge right now, there give you the precisely introduction of it. Let’s have a look.

Canon BCI-6 PhotoM OEM Photo Magenta Ink Cartridge

Canon BCI-6 PhotoM ink  is the genuine cartridge from Canon and the goal of it is to offer the ultimate printing experience for you. In our store, the Canon BCI-6 PhotoM OEM Photo Magenta Ink Cartridge can ensure you the best high quality printing supplies with the lowest costs. This Ink Cartridge is really good enough for owning many good feature of Canon. With it, the document you printer print will be very clearly and reality, you’ll feel happy when seeing them. Actually, this ink cartridge is perfect for personal user and small business for only one of it can print as much as 420 pages. Of course, this Photo Magenta ink has 2 years shelf life time just as almost ink cartridges. As it is OEM, and sells in the biggest ink cartridge store of American market, the quality is really good with no doubt. Moreover, this Canon BCI-6 PhotoM Ink Cartridge can compatible with a lot of Canon printers including the Canon Inkjet Printer BJC Series, Canon Inkjet Printer i Series, Canon Inkjet Printer Pixma Series and Canon Inkjet Printer S Series. The special printer models you can refer to its homepage.

Be a printer user, I’m sure you are always buy ink cartridges. Therefore, you should have the common sense that the OEM ones are much dear then other kind of ink such as new compatible ones and remanufactured ones for their more ensured quality. In fact, you need to pay $17.44 for this Canon BCI-6 OEM Ink Cartridge ink cartridge in our store. While you are luck to come here today to know this good news, so you can only pay for $14.99 to share 14% discount of the primary price. In this way, take only one you can save $2.45. If you are a wholesaler taking more, there will be a large amount of money saved. It is a nice deal you can never meet when missing such a good opportunity.

Don’t hesitation anymore, ordering this Canon Ink Cartridge or your needed ink and toners online from at once. Your order products will be shipped from our Western warehouse located in Vancouver and our Eastern warehouse located in Montreal in super fast speed. And if your products are over $49, you can get them shipping free. Take as soon as you can, then you can share the good printing service earlier.

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