Embrace our Low-Price Pantum P2000 Monochrome Laser Printer

As the rapid economic and technology growth needs, printer is the necessity for the office or home, however, according to the trend of the requirement of the printer, more and more people are fond of laser printer, Ensure you will get the High quality long life performance, high yield cartridge with very low operating costs printing supplies with the lowest costs possible from Pantum P2000 Monochrome Laser Printer order from online 123ink.ca. We ship as quickly as ever.

Pantum P2000 Monochrome Laser Printer

For this Pantum Laser Printer it get the print function only, but it take the monochrome laser print technology at 20PPM(A4)/21ppm(Letter) print speed with the print resolution as 600 ×600dpi,it also can increase up to 1200×600dpi.it with a processor speed as 64Hhz,and 8MB memory. For this printer it with the paper input capacity as 150 pages with the standard paper 80g/m² and the output capacity is about 100 pages. What the good news, when in printing the power consumption in average as 350w,when in sleep mode, it less than 6w.the Print Cartridge for the pantum P2000 monochrome laser printer is P(A/B/C)-110 series Standard capacity toner (1,500 pages) P(A/B/C)-110H High capacity toner (2,300 pages) *ISO Standard/ IEC 19752,

After the two months test which including a 10,000-impression durability test. Pantum receives honored certifications from BLI as the reliability is excellent, the feedback to workstations and applications compatibility also is excellent, take a very good certifications in ease of setup,print drives and value. With good certifications for the print productivity and feature set though the security features and environmental features are not rated.
Pantum P2000 with a eco-friendly protecting the environment ideal for the user, as the low carbon footprint ,less waste toner residue and low ozone emissions. Which is in the line of the view green and environmental protection. While the Pantum P2000 monochrome laser printer which take the solid steel roller bar to replace the hard rubber rollers and plastic bar that no only lowest the cost but also ensure the quality of the printer.

For such a printer, with the dimensions of 15”×10.3”×9.3′ and compact with light weight it means you can place this printer in your desktop easily. Also it can print with much kind of media types, such as the card stock, labels, transparencies and other printing media. However such a printer is on sale now with the price of $79.99, you can take 20% discount and save about$20.00 by order from 123ink.ca.

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