Maybe you are just hunting for a LED light for your lover camcorder or digital cameras resulting to come here. I’m so lucky to tell you that it is really the right place. YONGNUO YN-1410 LED Light here fits all brands of camcorder or digital cameras with standard shoe mount. It exactly the one you should take. It has as much as 140 pieces of high brightness LED lamps and two different colors of temperature sheets. You can choose the orange and white temperature sheet in 5500k / 3200k according to the situation. It will create excellent effect in the shade environment for its brightness can be divided into 16 grades. With Soft light and clear illumination and more than 85% Color Rendering, YN-1410 LED Light with Standard 1/4 Screw Socket will make a wonderful environment with fascinating atmosphere for you without needing studio soft box. I promise if your friends or family members look at the picture of video took by using it, they will be full of surprise and praise. In additional, YN-1410 used pure copper metal to design for the hot shoe base. Its small size is in Approx. 130×55×95mm/5.1×2.2×3.7”, low total weight is in Approx. 282g/9.9oz, it is convenient for carrying.


What’s more, This LED light is featured with Energy efficiency for low heat consumption. It not only support AA and Hi-MH rechargeable battery, but also can use external power supply. You can use any of it as convenience in the place. Of course, YN-1410 has automatic identification AA battery and lithium battery function. So it will only use one of it in a time.

Except above, there is more information about YONGNUO YN-1410 LED Light that you care about. Especially that the LED Average Life and the price of YN-1410. In fact, the LED Average Life is as long as 20000 hours. To be more accurate, it can light over 833 days that is over 2 years. You really can safely to take it to use in your lover camcorder or digital cameras, there will be no problem but good quality work. For so nice YONGNUO YN-1410 LED Light, can you think of taking it in $50.40 with free Shipping? However, it is true. Only paying $50.40, you can take it away and with ship free in super fast speed. That is really your luck. So you should take it with any doubt any more. If you make a deal right now in our store photogear.com, you can get the quality assurance YN-1410 LED Light as fast as you expected. And enjoy the good work it done with your honey camcorder or digital cameras with standard shoe mount for you earlier. I promise you’ll like it very much.

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