TL-WN725N Mini 150m Wireless USB Network Adapter

Connecting the devices like desktop or computer with TP-LINK’s 150Mbps wireless N Nano USB adapte makes a great change in the dealing of connections. Sometimes it happens that we go on searching for a proper device which is compatible and even used for internet connections. When a person has to travel and or at home, then using such gadgets is really helpful. The installation and the working of this product is easily understood as the manual book and CD is accessible with it. As you will plug it, the more you will be able to use and come to know about its features.

Wireless USB Network Adapter allows connecting the multiple devices as the range of it is at 150Mbps. If you will attach the computer port, then it will be a very convenient option for you. Travelling experience can even be augmented with the usage of this adapter. Encryption and installation is quite easy of this gadget. The design and the size are exercised in linking with a nano adapter with any of the Usb port. Languages it supports are actually providing a comfort to the people of different places. No tension is required as if you will attach the laptop from one point to another. Some of the enhanced benefits of it are:

  • The speed of it is 150Mbps
  • Software based on WPS is supported by it
  • The design is 0.73×0.59×0.28in
  • The CD have 14 different languages manual
  • It also supports WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES), 64/128 WEP, and IEEE 802.1X
  • Windows like Windows 7 32/64bit, Vista 32/64bit, Windows XP 32/64bit and Windows 8 32/64bit are supported.
  • As-hoc and infrastructure modes are sustained.
  • Also compatible with 802.11b/g/n products

In the package of this TL-WN725N Mini 150m Wireless Usb Network Adapter, you will acquire quick installation guide, resource CD, and the product itself. Any problem occurred will be solved by simply putting the CD and troubleshooting it or by just reading the manual. The modulation technology involves OFDM, DQPSK, DBPSK, 64-QAM, 16-QAM. The antenna of it is internally. The usage, plugging and functioning of this device is really very comfortable. Talking about the price, it is only $12.99 which is affordable by the consumers. So just go for it and hit the ball. No problem is there to face as the technological changes in the device has made it much better. The certification of this product is done by CE, FCC, IC, and RoHS.Order it right now from

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