The Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker that You Buy It Less than $20

We see Bluetooth & wireless speaker shopping deals everywhere, as long as you typed the keyword “Bluetooth speaker” or other simple words such as “portable speaker” for your iPhone or Andriod devices, you will be able to find millions brands online: Boss, Logitech, Audio Technical you name it..etc, under these brands, there is absolute no chance nor any possibility that you can get a deal like SpeGO Bluetooth speaker which I am going to introduce today, and I hope that this blog will be helpful for everyone who needs a good pair of Bluetooth speaker.

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker -Blue


Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker -Red


SpeGO Bluetooth Speaker for Party from

SpeGO Bluetooth Speaker for Party from

Now you must have doubts for the Mini Bluetooth speaker price if it must be some kind of cheap junk that you will probably find it at place such as eBay or place where they only sells low quality items. The answer is NO! In fact, the quality of this product is much better than the expensive junks ($40-$60 range) that you would probably find somewhere online; it is kind of hard to believe isn’t it?

wireless speaker feature

wireless speaker feature

By choosing a good and solid wireless speaker, I always go for the 4 standard rules whenever I shop online:

1) Cost

2) Charging time and features

3) Size and Weight

4) Sound quality

If I taking my own online shopping perspective, most of the time what I am looking for, is to find out where can I get the cheapest deal online and how fast can I receive it, I believe that most of the readers must following the same logic, which is reasonable, but whenever we are aiming for something CHEAP COST, then we must compromise something, and most of the case is the quality, which is pretty sad but true ! 

After by testing out this SpeGo wiresless speaker, I am very surprised by the fact that this product do actually offer the quality that I am willing to pay for, even through this product has the size that is tiny less than a small size Java u coffee cup, it delivers the good volume of sound, great vibration and the sound track is very cleared, it’s actually a pretty solid wireless speaker than you think.

Bluetooth wireless speaker

Bluetooth wireless speaker

The Bluetooth speaker charging time and device features are probably the second factor that I valued the most, you don’t want to spend $20 for nothing, which is pretty understandable. The device combines lots of specific features that normal mini speaker won’t cover, the hand free embed mic is probably one of the powerful feature because you can basically use it in the car. The Bluetooth wireless connection is perhaps another extra advantage since you will be able to connect it with multiple platforms, and of course you can also connect it through the 3.5mm Aux jack to save some extra music playing time since it requires less batteries.

Under the instruction manual it says that the charging time is 2 hours, which is pretty much the average charging time and it uses the rechargeable Li-polymer battery, I would say this is pretty cool because I do not need to buy AA battery often, I tested the battery time, it reached approximately 4.4 hours around, in my opinion this is pretty long compare to another than speakers, and since the dimention is only 60x60x63mm, this is definetly not heavy at all and it weights around 0.30 kg, which is pretty light, but able to produce the sound which as loud as a beast, this is definitely one of your secret weapon whenever you are having party, shower, or even working, I am sure that you won’t be regret by spending as long as $20 to get this cool deal, More info, please check

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