Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection – Iron&Glass Pendants

Here provides you the elegant Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection-Pendant Iron&Glass for bedroom,living room,dining room,hallway,and more..As you know,lighting is the eye of furnishings,a home without lighting is like people with no eyes.So,lighting plays an crucial role in a home,you have to live in darkness without it just like people do without eyes.What’s more,lighting fixture is not only for illumination but also for decorating your house.This versatile quinqueflorus lighting ML03-298M can meet your need in both illumination and decoration,its pendant style allows the light emission spreading to all-round direction and it can be set up in bedroom,living room,dining room,hallway and foyer.That’s the reason why this kind of quinqueflorus lighting would be the best choice popped up on my mind when I need a lighting fixture.

Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection

I am sure you will like it when you have a sight of this Iron&Glass Pendant which is simple and elegant.It mainly involve two types of material,i.e.iron and glass which is very strong and long lasting.The dimension of the LM03-298M is D15*13.5’’with a 72’’free-size chain.The chain is adjustable so that you can modify the height of the lighting at will depending on the height of your room and other furnishings.This type of quinqueflorus lighting contains 2 bulbs with the E26 type of bulb base and no bulb included.The bulb type is incandescent with voltage 110v.The wattage per bulb is 60W thus the maximum of the total wattage is 120W which is an energy-saving product.

In addition,look at the appearance of the LightingBox ML03-298M, a black-and-white style is an all-match which can work well with any style of furnishing.But pay attention to the location of the pendant quinqueflorus lighting made of glass.You should fix a central place exactly for it before installing it for the best result of illumination.For instance,if your lighting is for the dinning room,it is better to place it above the middle of the dinning-table so that you can make the best of the lighting.

After reading the instructions above,some of you may can’t wait to take this Ceiling Lights home.Stay with me, I still have something else even more exciting to tell.You can save $20.00 from its original price of $99.00 if you buy it now.It’s only $79.00 until Aug 22,2014.So there is little time for hesitation otherwise you will lose $20.00 for missing this opportunity!Now you can buy it in our shop lightingbox.com.

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