Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection-2 Lights Wall Lamp right here for you

You will not miss this Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection-2Lights Wall Lamp For Bedroom Foyer Living Room Bathroom Dining Room Hallway especially now it is on sale!Lighting is the main indoor facilities for both decoration and illumination which can vivify the wall color and the room as a whole.You can also foil the room atmosphere and improve the environment by changing the style of the lighting and modify its ray intensity.This 2Lights Wall Lamp will satisfy all your needs.In addition,it is also fit in bedroom,foyer,living room,dining room, hallway and balcony,this small lighting fixture can lit your room as well as your world-just imagine sitting at home and feeling the soft glow of the lamp whiling reading, chatting or having family hour,what a enjoyment it would be!

Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection-2 Lights Wall Lamp

This elegant Wall Sconces is mainly made of iron and glass.The iron part is black while the 2 lamp shades are milk-white,and it can easily go with all kinds of home styles so you don’t need to worry about the style matching which can be a real problem.The light it provides is elegant and harmony and it adorns the room perfectly.It has 2 lights which contain two bulbs all together to make the ray spread to a larger range.The dimensions of LightingBox ML02B-298 are W16’’*E8’’*H10’’.The type of bulb base is E26 and the type of the bulb is Incandescent.The lamp contains 60 watts for each bulb and the maximum of total lamp wattage would be 120W with voltage 110V.

Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection-2 Lights Wall Lamp

With its soft light,this Quinqueflorus Lighting Collection wall lights is mostly installed in foyer,living room,dining room, hallway and balcony where they can be a alter lamp burning day and night.I am certain this Ml02b-298 will be the ideal wall light for you because of its neat and fresh looking as well as its simple and elegant style.Place such a eye-catching lighting on your wall will certainly put the finishing touch of your home.

In face of such perfect wall lighting ML02B-298,you have no reason to reject for its all-round quality,and you are one of the luckiest person who can enjoy 16% off from the original price if you buy it now,it only costs you $49.00 to buy this elegant ML02B-298!Saving is earning,you can save $10.00 if you buy it before Aug22,2014.What are you waiting for,click our shop lightingbox.com to have one!

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