Organize your Home Theater Cables in 3 Easy Steps!

As we all know, Monster cable is a famous brand that you can see in everywhere and every time. If you miss it in 10 hours 15minutes today, you will not enjoy with our free shipment. Right here, right now. Believe yourself, take it as your good tool, your life will become more and more convenience and colorful tomorrow.

Monster Small Cable Management Kit

There are many advantages of the cables as following: Small Cable Management Kit which is made in 8-foot length and also is available for you to concentrate your home office, home studio or home theater cables. In addition, our products not only conclude with video or audio cables them, but also the microphone cables or computer cables. If you want to use it at once, you just spend some time to install in three simple steps. At first, you can easily break the cables in Monster Zipper and then glide them. Finally, try your best to hold back the zipper. Moreover, you can cut the cables in a suitable length according to your requirement, continuously no hookup and easy to operate it. Meanwhile, we offer you with a free brochures of concrete instructions.

Now let me introduce the Monster Cable Organizers specifications to you. This products equipped with Navajo white color, 8-foot length and holds three to five cables. Besides, you can use it for any places in your home such as home theater, home office, home studio and so on. The 129701-00 Small cable management Kit has small size diameter amount to 0.8-inch(20mm) and also allowed to widely apply in every places by regulatory. Therefore, please feel relieved to purchase them. As long as you are interested in it, you can enjoy with each other together and find too much things. In order that we can live in a standard healthy peacefully bright life, Keep an awake mind or brain and build up a good sentiment to consume.

Save is endless! We have just 40 limited quantity in stock. This compact only ship in today if you make an order within ten hours fifteen minutes. We provide you with 65% discount until Aug 22, 2014 so that you just spend $6.99 on the 129701-00 Small cable management Kit. Because the original price is $19.99, you can save $13.00.Remeber that our products are excellent in quality and favorable in prices. Besides, you can get more relevant knowledge in our website

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