NiSi -The international young brand in filter field

Welcome to Nisi filter. As meet is a predestined relationship, our store gives you some goodness as the THE FIRST GIFT especially you are just looking for filter. As we all knows, NiSi is an international young brand in filter field. NiSi Ultra thin filters came to the market in 2007. Its ultimate performance got unanimous recognition by optical experts. Then, in 2009, NiSi developed LR UV filters with golden ring which caused a shock in the filter industry. Nowadays, NiSi occupies a total space of 5000 square meters. It got a lot of patented optical technologies, professional CNC machining equipments, advanced optical instruments and more than 20 years experiences of high-end optical design experts. Therefore, NiSi can integrate products design, development and manufacture of a variety of filters. Moreover, the NiSi filter glasses come from AGC in Japan and Schott in Germany (world class high quality optical glass supplier). NiSi series use high quality aviation aluminum, its frame is only 5.2mm, the thinnest in the world so far. Its surface is having double side, anti-reflection, multi-coating, water & stain & scratch resistant, high level of parallelism. NiSi filter can assure top level of transmittance and ultra low reflectivity. NiSi filter’s frame surface is with fine sand blasting and anodic oxidation, while dull finish inside for anti-reflection. With fine knurling on its rim, the frame makes the lens exceptionally easy and comfortable to rotate. The automatic-locked ring clamping makes the lens safe from damage during transportation.

Nisi Filter

What’s more, in our store, you can find nearly all the kinds of NiSi filter with different size from 40mm to 82mm. The Nisi CPL Filter, Nisi MC UV filter, Nisi MRC UV Filter, Nisi ND 1000 Filter, Nisi Fader ND4-500 Filter, Nisi UV370 Filter, Nisi GC Gray Filter and Nisi Colorful DMC UV Filter are all here. I promise you’ll happy to here, in addition, many of the filters here is in promotions. It means you can take the filter you need in lower price. For example, the Nisi MRC UV Filters such as Nisi MRC UV Filter 52mm, Nisi MRC UV Filter 62mm, Nisi MRC UV Filter 77mm, etc. are all have 20% off until at least Aug 22, 2014. You can save a lot of money.

Of course, the other Nisi filters may not have discounts. However, if you browsed other stores, you can find the filters here in store is original lower than in other place. Such as Nisi CPL Filter 55mm is only costs $27.88, Nisi MC UV Filter 40.5mm is just costs $11.99, Nisi MC UV Filter 49MM is costs $9.99, and so on. Come here is your lucky indeed. If you take the filters you need here is really wise. No waste time wondering, just order in our store, you can gain a lot. If you buy filters over $49.00, our store will ship free for you in super fast speed. No hesitation, act right now.

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