Limited Edition Case-mate® Creatures Series Case for iPhone 5S/5

Nice to meet you! Here are the Limited Edition Case-mate® Creatures Series cases for iPhone 5S/5. If you are finding for a case to protect your favorite iPhone 5S/5, you should take one. They are Limited Edition made in patterns with a lot of lover animals that nearly all people like. There is Penguin in Waddle, Tiger in Tigris, Flamingo in Pinky, Peacock, Elephant in Ellie, White Snowman, Brown Bear and Xing Panda. How lovely animals! And they are all limited editions. You can’t miss it. Especially at the moment they are all having a 40% discount. Before Sep 01, 2014, you can save $10.01 for just grasp this opportunity. I promise you’ll like it, too.

Case-mate Creatures Animal Case for iPhone 5S/5

There is Moreover, the Limited Edition iphone case is in good quality, and it makes from flexible all silicone shell. It’s textured and raised silicone pieces create a tactile design that’s fun to hold in Dimensions with Length 12.8cm, Width 6.35cm and Height 1.35cm. And the innovative lay-flat design adds extra screen protection with raised bezel. The accompanying peanut charm completes its wild style. Therefore, this Case-mate® Creatures Series Case can not only protect your iPhone 5S/5 perfectly but also decorate it into more lovely.

In fact, the most amazing thing is that 5S/5 case here is made in Limited Edition. If you get one for your lover iPhone 5S/5, it becomes the dedicated iPhone 5S/5 just for you. In this way, you can easily find your iPhone 5S/5. If you are particularly like play with and into one lovely animals like Penguin, Tiger, Flamingo, Peacock, Elephant, Snowman, Bear or Panda, you should take one with no doubt. It is just made for you. What’s more, they are made in different color and scenes. Each Case-mate® Creatures Series Case is elaborated lively. Just for example, the one with an Ellie Elephant in the room has a long and roll nose, among it, there is two White ivory. You can happily to play with it for she is not going away ever. With it to protect you iPhone 5S/5, you can play with it whenever and wherever you like. I certain that you’ll be feel happy and warm in everyday after owing it. Actuarially, it is more beautiful and functional than I can expressed.

For so nice a Limited Edition Case-mate® Creatures Series Case for iPhone 5S/5, you should take it right now as soon as you can. Today you can only pay $14.99 to take the one made for you. You shouldn’t hesitate for this is the best time to take. I’m sure that anyone who meets it will take it home, not to say come into their promotions. This Limited Edition Case-mate® Creatures Series Case for iPhone 5S/5 can be selling out very quickly. To avoid the one with your love animal sell out and regret, make a deal right now in store that will ship and deliver your order in superfast speed. I promise you can get the one you expected no long later.

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