LBT® Dual Port Car Charger for iPhone 5 and tablets

Are you all time up to finding your charger? Do you fight with your sister or brother at having one charger and who will charge the battery first? Such problems are at most of the places when you have one thing and it has to be shared with two. LBT® Dual Port Car Charger is the solution to all such difficulties. The rate of this product is under your budget and you can order it anytime when you want. The features of it are changed and the color you will obtain will be white. So here is some light on this gadget which will make up your mind to purchase.

Separate Lightening USB Cable has two ports to charge two devices at the same time. Either if you are using one or both of the devices, you can pin them together and work on them. The charging will be faster to do and can be done at anytime and anywhere. Make it sure that the pin is plugged properly. Though it is small in size, but the way you will use it will be really tremendous. Sometimes we get stuck in searching of our two chargers and we misplace one, however, after having this such problem will not be there to see. On one side, the charging level will be normal and on the second port, it will be faster than the first. Also the data cable will be included if the data has to transferred through it. It does not matter that at which place you are, it can used at home, office, in the car or anywhere you require. This LBT charger helps in charging iphone 5S, 5,5C.

Now here is the perfect piece LBT® Dual Port Car Charger for iPhone 5 and tablets with Separate Lightening USB Cable which is easily affordable at $23.09. You cannot miss out such options as the color and use of it makes it more commendable. Just click on the given link and make this product all yours. In the package, you will get a 2.1 Amp for faster charging, regular and high port. Even you will acquire the warranty of one year as a result, if you face any problem; you can get it repaired. The speed and the product are really higher and it has a 8 pin data cable. Read the manual to know more information from

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