Incipio® Atlas Waterproof Ultra-Rugged iPhone 5/5S Case

Are you just looking for a Waterproof Ultra-Rugged case for your favorite iPhone 5/5S? Come here you happened to be a lucky person, for the  iPhone 5/5S Case  in White with Pink here is the one. In fact, it is really a nice option for almost all girls or lady with an iPhone 5/5S. However, you meet its promotions. Jump in with the ATLAS™ case for iPhone 5/5S, you can protect your honey iPhone very well for the multiple layers of defense can provide protection against water, dirt, and drops. This is clearly meeting your basic needs. Moreover, the Incipio® Atlas Waterproof Ultra-Rugged iPhone 5/5S Case is precision engineered with a rigid and co-molded Plextonium™ hard-shell frame which looks good textures and impact resistant Flex2O™ soft material detailing. The ATLAS™ case is ready for adventure! For all of them will not only protect your iPhone 5/5S to be always in new but also be more secure to be used. And the exquisite crafts will make your iPhone 5/5S looks more live and beautiful. Meanwhile, it shows out your elegant temperament and eyesight. I promise you’ll into it.

What’s more, the White shell collocates with Pink band is just well to looks very good. In this way, the Incipio® Atlas Waterproof Ultra-Rugged iPhone 5/5S Case avoids being monotony with only one color. And in the white, the pink just like add more color in daily life. When you see it, you may feel everyday is beautiful and world is colorful. Especially the time you feel down, this case will be a good friend to take you out. In addition, the case is ergonomically designed sidewalls for added grip. You can use the all function of your honey iPhone 5/5S conveniently. Combined the co-molded design with impact resistant Flex2O™ semi-rigid shell and layered membranes allow for water-resistant speaker vents as well as sealed headphone and charging ports provide protection against water and dust, you can safely play. The Waterproof Ultra-Rugged iPhone 5/5S Case here is with dimensions of Length: 136.40 mm, Thickness: 2.51 mm, Width: 67.56 mm, Depth: 15.75 mm and Weight: 2.2 oz should be perfect for your iPhone 5/5S.

Maybe it’s the time to tell you the good thing happened to you. That is, you can just pay $40.00 to take such a nice Incipio® Atlas Waterproof Ultra-Rugged iPhone 5/5S Case which cost $89.00 original. You have shared 55% discounts and saved $49.00. And there is comes with a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. What a good deal. You should make a deal without doubt for there are only 16 In Stock. You should order in store as soon as possible, otherwise the limited Case may be sold out. And later, your order will be shipped and delivered to you in a superfast way as you prospected.

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