How to Use Network Cable Tester?

Update: Oct 15th 2015

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When you made an actual cable such as a Cat5 network, you may want to test whether it is capable of successfully transferring data from “point A” to “point B.” To do the test, you first need a network cable tester first, which is a device that is designed to verify whether or not an Ethernet computer network cable is transferring data normally. If you are not have one, the network cable tester in store where included a Quick RJ-45 Network Cable Tester Cab-8130, Multi-Function F-Type, RJ-12, and RJ-45 Cable Tester Cab-8129 and so on, should be a good place to buy one tester. The one there is very cost-effective but perfect in testing a network cable. Of course, you need make sure that the actual cable you want to test is hooked up correctly before use your network cable tester. After all the two got ready, you can test your network cable by following the guides provided by our Primecables. The test process is very simple; you can get it very quickly. Guides for testing a network cable by a network cable tester is here to go.

First, turn on your network cable tester and plug one end of the Ethernet cable that you are trying to test into its “IN” Ethernet input, then plug the other end of the Ethernet cable you are trying to test into its “OUT” input.
Secondly, press the “Test” button on the network cable tester. Then, the network cable tester sends a signal across the Ethernet cable.

Later, is the time you judge whether the network cable you are trying test is good or not according to the light on the network cable tester. When a green light will appear on the device, it means the signal gets from one end of the cable to the other, the test was successful. If a red light will appear on the device, it means the signal does not get from one end of the cable to the other, the test was not successful and that the cable is bad. In this way, the problem may existed the network cable can be make clearly. Until right now, the test is finished.

After reading and make an examination by a network cable and a network cable tester, I’m certain that you have learnt how to test a network cable with a network cable tester and can test a network cable easily and quickly. Then you may become a man can solve network problems such as the network is not connect even there is a network cable connected the PC to the network pub or switch.For more,please visit our website and so on. Nice meeting!

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