How to Use and Care for a DSLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera and 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit

Tips for Use a DSLR Camera:

There are several necessaries you need to get prepared and installed before you start to use your DSLR as the following instructions say : memory card, USB cable and battery.

Get your DSLR a proper memory card. And what can be defined as PROPER depends on your camera type. The memory capacity to choose depends on the number of pictures you are to take. If you take a lot of pictures every time and you don’t clear your memory card frequently, it is suggested you choose a large memory card.

Fully charge your DSLR battery the first time you use it. Get yourself an additional battery to switch in case that your first battery is about to run out of its power.

How to set your exposure depends on your environment. As is known, the lower the ISO number is , the less light sensitivity will be. If natural light is inadequate, set your ISO to the highest number. Choose 100 or 200 as the ISO setting if the environment’s got enough light or the flash is to be used.

There are two ways to make the image get into focus: adjusting the focusing ring or turning on automatic focus setting.

In the latter way, you’ll have to half press the shutter button. When the image gets into focus, press the shutter button to shoot.

Tips for care a DSLR Camera:

You’ll need a lint-free cloth and a camera bag with a soft inside.

You’d better not use towels , your shirt or other rough materials, which are rough enough to bring your lens scratches to clean your lens. Use a lint-free soft cloth instead. And if your camera is not in use, put on a lens cap to protect any expected and unexpected damage.

Put your camera in a structured camera bag and store it in a safe place to prevent your camera from falling or other damage.

Don’t store your camera in places where it is too hot or too cold. Keep it out of damp area and the place you live is humid, buy your camera and accessories an air-tight storage box.

To get rid of the dust from the components of your camera, clean it with air instead of rough cloths or chemicals, which will both do harm to your camera. When cleaning the inner side of your camera, lock up the mirrors of the camera. About how to lock your mirrors, refer to your uses’ manual.

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