How to Unlock Touch Screen Cell Phones ?

With the development of technology, nearly all people have owned a touch screen cell phones. You should have one in hand, too. As touch screen cell phones are sleek and easy to navigate and particularly sensitive to be touched, almost every owner has placed a keypad lock on a cell phone to prevent accidental dialing or “pocket dialing.” Moreover, the one who don’t want people snooping in her/his cell phone must have set an unlock password to keep her/his information private. Therefore, before getting the hang of new touch screen cell phone, you should take a minute to learn how to unlock the touch screen cell phone to access the messages and its options quickly. The below is the helping guides which provided by to feed back the clients who buys Touch Screen Cell Phones or its accessories there. If you follow the below instructions which including 4 steps, I’m sure you can Unlock the Touch Screen Cell Phones no matter what models super quickly.

How to Unlock Touch Screen Cell Phones

Step 1. You try to press the touch screen once or twice to get it to illuminate. In this way, you can see the unlocking option. However, this operation is not work on some models. At that moment, you may try to press a side button or the power button once to pull up the “Unlock” screen. After you can see the “unlock” or similar button on the screen, you can go to the next step.

Step 2. You need to touch the “Unlock” or similar button appeared on the touch screen. Generally, you’ll come into the password set page after finished this operation. Then go to the third step.

Step 3. Till now you have come into the page of set password, you should be patient. To avoid not remember the password or gesture, complex password or gesture is not recommend. If possible, take a note is the best to remembering the password later when you set a password to the phone. Now type in the password you’ve set before. In fact, there is some cell phones just require you to press a series of buttons on the touch screen or accompanying keypad to confirm that you want to unlock the phone. To this phone, you just need to press the button suggested or set before. Finished type in password, you go to the last step.

Step 4. After finished Step 3, the “Enter” should be active to press. At that moment, you can press the “Enter” to unlock the cell phone, then you will access to the messages and menu options.

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