How to Unclog Inkjet Cartridges

If you leave a printer lay idle for a very long time period without using it,the ink inside is likely to dry because of inactivity.Then the dried ink forms a crust which will clog up the inkjet cartridges,and it will also cut down on productivity.However,it is not unsolvable,as long as you are patient to rub it with alcohol coated skillfully to the outside of the cartridge,you can unclog it.Try the following instructions,you will find it helpful.

How to Unclog Jammed Ink Cartridges

Things Needed

1.Inkjet cartridges

2.Computer printer

3.Plastic cup

4.Paper towels

1.Rise the printer lid and wait until the print head stop gliding back and forth,then take out the cartridges from the printer.

2. According to the printer model,press the end tabs of cartridges and raise from the compartment to pull up the cartridges straightly.

3.Check if there is any obvious sign of ink leakage. But you can usually clean a clogged nozzle,the key is to clear the dried ink at the bottom of the cartridge.

4.Put the cartridge down in a cup of hot but not spoiling water about halfway for dissolving the dried ink sticking inside the nozzles

5.Moisten a cotton swab with alcohol,then rub around the cartridge.Alcohol can be very helpful in this case because it can loosen the dried ink in the cartridge.

6.Use paper towels to rub the cartridge and wait until the alcohol fully evaporate.

7.Dip the Q-tip in alcohol and swab the nozzles,then remove the dissolved ink by wiping down with paper towels.

8. Before reinstalling the cartridge,redistribute the rest of the ink by shaking the cartridge evenly.

Tips & Warnings

1.Wear gloves to prevent hands and fingers from getting stained by ink.

2.Test-print a page after reinstalling in the printer.

3.Move it away from the printer,computer and furnitures when cleaning cartridges.It could be a disaster if you spill the ink on your computer accidentally.

After learning the skills above, when the inkjet cartridge clogs again, you don’t need to run around town to find a store for printing documents, you can easily fix it by yourself!For more information and related articles,please visit

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