How to unclog inkjet cartridges by yourself

Inevitably, inkjet cartridges could be cleared erratically by the relevant technical staff. Because it might has worked or sit idle for a long time. There must be some malfunction .if you don’t want to re-purchase one and you can only unclog the cartridges. Of course, you can take it to a professional repair shop to unclog. It might cost some time if you unclog the cartridges by yourself, but once you unclog it and the company can avoid the cost of re-purchasing.

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The following are some basic steps if you need to do it by yourself unfortunately.


1、Take the inkjet cartridges out of the printer accordance with the instructions manual .Firstly, you could raise your printer lid carefully .Maybe the print head will glide back and forth constantly at that moment. Please remember, you can’t click any tab until the head stop gliding. Otherwise, your discontent hands might be hurt by the print head.

2、You might pull the ink cartridge straight up by click the end tabs .Perhaps; you can press the tip forward. And possibly, you could press lifting from compartment. All of these depend on the printer model. Anyway, here you must strictly follow the printed user’s manual to operate.

3、Make a comprehensive and detailed inspection for ink cartridges. As we all know, there are many different reasons for a malfunctioning printer. Check the cartridges surface and confirm any obvious hole of ink leakage. And then, check the cartridges inside room and make sure the ink is dried or normal. Of course, it is perfectly normal that the ink runs out. But even so, you still need to unclog the cartridges for your printer can work better later.

4、Prepare a tumbler of hot but not boiling water. You can put the inkjet cartridge into the tumbler about halfway to get the dried ink wet. It will make your next cleaning a lot easier.

5、Next, we will unclog the cartridges with alcohol. Alcohol could dissolve the ink stains in our daily life. You could wipe the whole surface of the cartridge with an ethanol-soaked cotton swab.

6、Wipe with a dry cloth to make the alcohol evaporates absolutely.

7、Wipe the wet nozzles inside your printer with an ethanol-soaked Q-tip, and then wipe down with a dry paper towels to clear the ink thoroughly.

8、You have completed all the work as long as you shake the ink cartridges before reinstalling it.


1、Wear disposable gloves to prevent accidentally infected with ink stains.

2、Test the printer whether work normally before you put it into use.

3、You could unclog the cartridges outside the office to avoid staining computers.

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