How to Reset Printer Ink Cartridges?

We may all know that buying a new Printer ink will be a big cost,Hence,when your printer ink cartridges go wrong/does not work with your device,many people may choose to buy a new one or take it to the shop for repair.However,these two ways will spend a lot of many.Resetting the computer chip can prolong the life of your ink and save you money.why not to have a try,all you need to do just follow our step one by one.


1.When you going to Reset Printer Ink Cartridges,the first thing you need to do is purchase
a chip resetter that fit your printer.Usually the number of the resetters are capable of work with a variety of printer types that come from a particular manufacturer. For example,a $9.99 chip resetter from operate well with most Epson inkjet cartridges.such as T048 series T048120/T048220/T048320/T048420/T048520/T048620 and more.Therefore,if you need more details or items.please Click Here.

2.Open the package,remove the sticker and then take out the chip resetter.

3.Find out the copper square,press the bottom or back of your ink cartridge,put the chip resetter into the ink.This will be either another square or a series of thin pins. If it’s the pin style, push the cartridge in gently and wiggle it side to side if there’s some resistance–don’t force it in.

4.Let the cartridge stay in the resetter for about 2 minute.

5.You are done

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