How to Refill Dell Printer Ink Cartridges

As you know,Dell is well-known brand and brand name ink cartridges will not be cheap because of its quality and name.It can cost you a large sum of money a year by buying new cartridges especially if you use your printer a lot. Thus refilling your own Dell printer ink cartridges when they run out of ink is absolutely a cost-saving during your printer’s lifetime.Now let’s learn how to refill the ink cartridges under the instruction of the following points.

How to Refill Dell Printer Ink Cartridges

Things You’ll Need

1.Paper towel roll

2.Piece of cardboard

3.Dell ink cartridge


1.Take out the cartridges from the Dell printer,then put them on a cardboard as a work surface for preventing your furniture from getting stained with printer ink which is hard to clean.

2.Find out the filling hole on your printer cartridge.If you cannot find it,check your own manual or call Dell’s customer support for more details to locate the filling hole which might be sealed.Sometimes the cartridge’s filling holes are hidden underneath a top which has to be removed.Take out the syringe, gently force it into the sponge and push the ink in it little by little which can prevent spills and overfills.Stop pushing ink into the cartridges when the sponge is moist.Then, close the sealed filling hole on the cartridge if it has one.

3.Clean the filling hole spotlessly as well as the area around it.Put the ink cartridge back in your printer and print a few pages to test if the printer works normally.

It is actually not complicated,three steps can save you from the replacement of printer ink cartridges and save money.Share this article with more friends if you think it is useful and helpful.Also,if you need more information or printer ink cartridges,please visit our store


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