How to refill Dell printer ink cartridges by yourself

It’s obviously wise that you spend a lot of money on purchasing a Dell Printer. However, it seems notably fool that you cost a large amount of money to re-purchase ink cartridges. When the ink runs out, I hope your first think is how to refill rather than re-purchase a new one immediately. We all know that it will be a great amount of money if you purchase many times. If your company wants to minimize the costs and maximize the profits, please follow the steps to refill your Dell printer cartridges.

DELL GC502 New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge Part 310-6640


1、Remove the empty ink cartridges from your Dell printers. Because there are so many different mode of Dell printers so please open the printer based on your user guide manual. And then, move the ink cartridges to a relatively stable table. The table must be away from your furniture and computer. Besides, please wear disposable gloves or clothes to avoid printer ink. It’s very difficultly to wash off.

2、Seek out the filling hole .if you can’t find out the hole through the cartridges surface or the filling hole is hermetic, you could get suggestions from your user manual or the Dell service center. They will tell you where the hole is and how to expose it. And then, find out the syringe which used on refill the ink cartridges. If you bought maintenance kit provided with the Dell printer originally, the syringe should be in the toolbox. Otherwise, you should purchase a maintenance kit now. You could put the syringe into the sponge slowly. Then, gently push the ink into your sponge. Please push it slowly and stably in case of the ink overflow. Make the sponge totally moist gently. After refill the ink cartridges, you should stop immediately. You could not inject too much ink.

3、Wipe the filling hole carefully and do not ignore the area around .If you could not clean it completely, maybe you can wipe it with alcohol. It can loosen the ink before you wipe it. Besides, after you wash it, you can take off your disposable gloves in case of dirty the printer ink cartridges again. Now, you can replace it in the printer. Last but not least, do not put it into use if you did not test it whether work normally. After you test it a few pages, the printer might be ready now.

Tips Warnings

Prepare a refill kit if you can. Do not throw away your user manual.

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