How to Put a Screen Protector On Without Any Bubbles

As is known to all, a phenomenon that more and more people are using Phones and portable devices without buttons and just using touch screens or stylus to enter and select information. If you seek for high quality graphics, I think that screen with all devices are good choice for you; however, they are tend to fingerprints, scratches and dirt build-up. So in order to make the lifespan of your devices more lasting, you can invest by yourself and installing a screen protector. Screen protectors prevent against scratches and far away smudges and dust. Because screen protectors are clear films, we should be more careful and cautious to make a bubble-free installation.

How to Put a Screen Protector On Without Any Bubbles

Now let me introduce the method-usage to you as followings.
First of all, in a small cup, pour some saturated alcohol and water. Second, in order to clean dirt, dust and oily residue from fingerprints, scratch the screen with a lint-free cloth. Third, steep the cotton swab in the unsaturated alcohol and slightly wipe away the dirt which hides in the screen. Wipe the surface at once and then clean with the cloth. Next, in order to not to touching the sticky side, you should carefully take the film on both sides and gently move from the screen protector. And then, match the protector on the inner side of screen and keep it at a applicable angle before smoothly wiping the screen protector away the screen with the credit card. Remember to apply an pressure to the film to glue it to the screen to keep away from the air bubbles and shift from the bottom of different corner. Finally, carefully strip away a part of the film from the screen when an air bubble takes shape and affix the film to utilize again. Besides, when you adhere it to the screen, release sections of the protector and keep in holding the film far away from the screen until you can grind and polish it .

In addition, I want to remind you not to forget doing something in right way. For example, Install the screen protector in a slightly steamy bathroom (created with the hot shower) to reduce dust and particles on the screen or protector. Furthermore, remember to take your time rubbing the protector to the screen to avoid dust, smudges and bubbles under the film.Also,if you need more quality and cheapest iphone screen protector,i will recommend you anti-blue light screen protector which is made to protect your eyes from the blue light emissions of LED displays.get more details from

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