How to last your ink cartridge longer

There is a common knowledge: companies can achieve the maximum profit from the control costs. The operating costs of the enterprise, is a large part of the purchase and maintenance of printer cartridges. We can boost profits by prolonging the life of printer cartridge.Simultaneously, if the printer can be used appropriately everyday and the possibility of artificial damage will be lower.

Here are some considerations for daily use printers that can help you better protect ink cartridges.


1、Click on “Preferences” while the print tool box arises after we stick “print”. The printer can save even more ink when you get used to select the “draft” mode rather than “normal” or “best”. Please remember, habits can change everything.

2、When the printer window stays in “printing preferences”, please click on the “advanced” tab. If you don’t want to waste your color ink on each document, you can print it in black or gray by selecting g the “print in Grayscale”.

3、Please use normal fonts and small letters in the document as possible as you can. if you really can’t avoid larger size font for the title, you can set the font color is gray but not black or any other color.

4、When you want to purchase a new ink cartridge to replace the old one, please don’t do that. You could take any color cartridge that isn’t working all the colors you need out of the printer. You might find the bottom of the printer where the ink goes out and then you can wipe it to unclog the nozzle. Here maybe you need a damp paper towel even lint-free cloth.

5、Let your printer continue to work even if the light is already on or you received such a warning that the ink is low rather than change the ink cartridge promptly. Don’t stop printing until the ink runs out.


We can put the used cartridges back to the recycle cans in stores even in school to implement recycling cartridges. You will get $2.50 off the ink cartridge re-purchase if you show it when purchasing the refill cartridge.

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