How to Install a Filter on a DSLR Camera

Still envy pictures made out of other people’s hands and feel sorry for your unsatisfying pictures shot by yourself? Feeling an urge to improve your shooting skills but somehow you’ve found out that it seemingly takes forever to reach a point where you make a great step forward?

How to Install a Filter on a DSLR Camera

There are quick and easy ways to make your pictures look beautiful and professional , and attaching filters to the lens of your DSLR camera is one of them. When you point your lens at a pond, it is a little impossible to see clearly fish and plants under water, which will no longer be a problem to you when you attach a polarizing filter to your lens. The main effect of this kind of filter is that it helps reduce the glare of water. A Sky filter or UV filter will be a good solution to take clear pictures with scenes from afar looking sharp because it helps cut through natural haze. There are many kinds of creative and useful filters. And installing one of them probably only takes you a little time while taking pictures without these filters it is very possible for you to spend hours in retouching your pictures.

Nisi MRC UV Filter 55mm

Before installation, you need to pick the appropriate filter for your camera lens, appropriate in size. You can read the size data, which varies from 30 to 150, on the lens barrel. Thread one filter at a time if you want to stack filters to get creative effects. The lens cap can attach to the lens over the filter. And protective filters could be left on the lenses’ end.

After the right-size and right filter being prepared, the steps below can be followed:

  1. Take off the lens cap of your camera. You’ll need to squeeze the lens’ sides and pull it to remove it from the the lens.
  2. The filter should be held parallel to the lens end. Keep in mind that the threaded edge is to face the lens’s glass.
  3. Flatly against the lens the filter should be placed.
  4. Tighten the filter onto the lens by adjusting it clockwise.

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