How to hold a canon DSLR

When you want to produce some high quality photos with your DSLR camera, you might need to acquire an expert grip technique or holding skills. No matter what sizes of your hands are you also can hold cannon DSLR camera very good .Because cannon has consummated the shape of their cameras so that it could fit for anyone’s grip. If you hold your camera very steadily, you will take a sharp photograph. Likewise, you will take a blurry image if you could not grip the camera solidly. Most of the photography veterans know that we can not shake the camera during the process of making photographs. With some simple techniques, you could overcome this and produce the perfect photographs.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera (Body Only)


1.Hold your DSLR camera accurately. Please relax your right hand then grip the camera gently but firmly. The majority of other brands camera has shorter grips than cannon cameras. Therefore, the cannon cameras often could be griped easier .However; it does not mean that you can hold it casually unless you underestimate its value.

2.Put your right-hand forefinger on the top of your camera body. It would help you achieve the numerous controls. What is important that you could push the shutter button, press the capture images as well as. Details determine whether you will produce a prefect picture.

3.Let your left hand come into play. Put your idle hand on the camera to support the weight of this camera. With your pollex holding the left side of your camera lens and the forefinger placed on the lens right side, you enable to make the lens zoom control adjustment. Your palm would prop up your camera because your hand is facing upward at the present.

4.Handle your elbow with both hands next to the front of your face (perfectly push against your rib cage).This prompt the stability in your hand; even reduce the possibility of camera shake.

5. You need some tips to relax your hands when you are photographing a long time. This can ensure more sustained stability .You can lean against the wall or fence behind you.

6.Press the shutter button down gently with your forefinger. It is crucial not to poke the shutter button, because this might lead to the movement to your camera, and boost the potential for unnecessary camera shake.

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