How to Clean Printer Ink Cartridges ?

The Things Needed
1.Hot water
2.Soft cloth
3.Cotton swabs
4.Glass cleaner
5.Instruction manual
7.Access to internet

How to Clean Printer Ink Cartridges
1.The first step is to find out the type of the cartridge you process for making sure what part of the ink system goes wrong and need to be cl.There are usually two different kinds of the cartridges.Some of them like most HPs contain a print head on itself,while in others,it is situated in the holster that holds the cartridges.You can find more detail information by reading the cartridge manual of your own type or tuning to the internet.Normally,clean the print head will do,so the key is to confirm where the problem comes from.

2.Run a cleaning cycle on your printer before taking any measure.It will solve simple problems and don’t worry,such procedure attaches to almost all printers. Provided that the problem does not get resolved,proceed to Step 3.

3.Move the cartridge out of its holder and run under hot water for 20seconds if your cartridge has the print head on it.

4.Dry the cartridge with a soft cloth.Reinstall when it’s completely dry.
5.If still does not work,once again remove the cartridge.Swab the print head with a cotton swab coated with glass cleaner.Dry again with a soft cloth,then reinstall.

6.If your print head is inside the machine,repeat the process of Step 4.It’s imperative to make sure the print head air completely dry,otherwise dry it with a cotton swab before use.

7.Running a few test pages on your printer at least once a week to keep the ink flowing. Maintain its normal operation is always a labor saving measure for cleaning an ink cartridge.

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