How to Find the Right Size Dining Room Chandelier

People’s attention will always be drawn to the chandelier when they get into one’s dining room.That’s why people see the chandelier as the finishing touch and attach great importance to choosing the right chandelier with the style and size perfectly fitted in the dining room.However, when in face of so many dazzling choices in the shop,many people will be confused and find it hard to buy the right one.Here are some guidelines to help you with the chandelier’s size.

Crystal Style Chandelier

The first thing is to measure the width of your table which the chandelier will be hanged above.The chandelier’s diameter should be 1/2 or 2/3 the width of your dining room table,and approximately a foot less than that at its maximum width which will protect people from hitting their heads on the chandelier when they get up.But mostly these two numbers will be the same.If none of the choices there can meet the need in this respect,you should pick the bigger size of the chandelier rather than the smaller one to go with you dining room for it would look more elegant.With the larger one, you should hang it higher to the extend of nobody’s head getting hurt.

The second thing worth noticing is that the length of the dining room chandelier should be shorter than four feet from the walls in the room,as well as shorter than 48 inches from the furniture such as a sideboard.Of course that’s the best suggestion for those who have a spacious place, it won’t be necessary if your condition is limited.

So you better to take the measurements of the dining room and the dining room table with you to the shop when purchasing a chandelier so as to get the best fit.And I would like to inform you that offers a variety of lights with Low Price possible.Do not miss it !

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