How to Choose Fluorescent Lamps

Generally speaking, it is really an easy task to choose a fluorescent lamp, no matter the finder is professional or not. However, choosing a fluorescent lamp is also need to take a lot of things into consideration, especially the shape and the light output of the fixture. Even you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to navigate color temperature ranges and bulb sizes, you should know clearly and certainly about what color intensity of the Fluorescent Lamp, where the Fluorescent Lamp should be placed and how you should use it. To be an integrity and friendly Fluorescent Lamps provider, can help you to understanding more about Fluorescent Lamps, of course including the aspects you should take into a count. I promise if you take a little time to read the following instructions, you can choose the Fluorescent Lamps that fit for your best. Let’s have a look together.

Step 1. Determine which appearance of the lamps you want based on the features likes what shape, size and length it should have. Combined all, the fluorescent lamp which is circular or linear, and sizes ranging from 18 inches to 96 inches can be a good choice for you.

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Step 2. After determined the looks of the fluorescent lamps you wish, you should decide the light effect you want on the basis of the color temperature. In this way, you can get the light you expected. Of course, there is more special recommends for you. To a warm soft white light, you’d better choose the 3,000 color temperature. For a cool white light, you can choose the 4,000 color temperature. While for a bright white light, the 5,000 color temperature is a nice option. And for an arctic white light, you choose the 6,000 color temperature is better.

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Step 3. As Fluorescent lamp is designed for specific condition, you should consider what temperature the fluorescent lamp will be used. Especially, whether it will be used in an environment with cold temperature, warm temperature, a broad range of temperatures or not. For the temperature environment it used could not only affect the life expectancy of the bulb and the circuit of your home, but also reduce a lot of hazards. Except that, the ventilation is also could impact the overall temperature of the environment, you should take it into an important consideration. In one words, when using Fluorescent lamp, you must considered the above before.

Step 4. Life span of the fluorescent lamp you should consider, too. As it is vary by lamp and color temperature, the hours of light output can be various. For example, some fluorescent lamps can have a life of 4,000 hours, while some have a life of 6,000. You need to find the fluorescent lamp with your wished life span.

Step 5. Before making a choice, you should also consider the safety. To make sure the security, you can choose an compact fluorescent lamp, that is, the Energy Star–approved fixture which only accepts pin-base or GU24-base CFLs. What’s more, choose a fluorescent lamp with dimming features if the circuit of the fluorescent lamp used room is dimmable.

After the above five steps instructions, have you know exactly what fluorescent lamp you should take? And more, is a good place to take a fluorescent lamp. You can’t be disappointed.

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