How to Charge Your iPhone Correctly

Most of you know that incorrectly charging will do harm to your phones, laptops, tablet computers and other devices. However most of you don’t know how the battery works, what is right and what is wrong when charging these devices and what can be done to extend the battery life. Your iPhone battery is rechargeable but you can’t use it forever because when you start using it, at the same time it starts running out of its battery life. The battery will operate under the circumstance of full capacity for 400 charge cycles, after which its capacity will reduce to only 80 percent. What should be emphasized is that each charge cycle accounts for a full charge. As a result, recharging an iPhone when it’s half full will be counted as a half charge cycle. The lithium-ion battery will last as long as two or three years in most cases. However, keep in mind that its battery life depends on how frequently you use your iPhone. Improperly charging your iPhone may shorten its battery life. Here are 4 easy ways to follow for correctly charging your iPhone.

How to Charge Your iPhone Correctly

Before all the steps, keep in mind that it’d better that your iPhone’s temperature be kept at least below 30 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. For the reason that over heat may permanently do harm to your iPhone battery, avoiding using it in the environment of direct sunlight and heat is necessary. When charging inside a case , if it is found that your iPhone becomes too hot, you’d better remove it from that case for safety.

1.Connect your device by a lightening adapter cable to the USB port of your computer, or link it to an A/C adapter and then plug it into a proper wall socket. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge your iPhone. About 2 hours to charge the battery to 80% capacity and another 2 hours to charge the remaining 20%.

2.Once a month let the battery drain until it leaves no power in order to calibrate your battery. However, completely discharging your iPhone for too many times is also improper, which might lead to an adverse effect.

3.Disable the push notifications for any app and turn off setting options you don’t need. These features consume the charge when they are on. Lower the brightness of the screen and trun on the “Auto-brightness” feature,which will help to adapt your phone brightness to the room you are in.

4.Use your iPhone battery regularly. Let your iPhone battery partially drain when a portable battery charge is used to extend its battery life.

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