How to Attach a Camera to a Tripod

Do you have the same trouble as me that when holding a camera and taking photos,some image get jitter because your body moves or hands tremble?It’s annoying that even breathing can make your hands move thus blurring the image you take.So,stabilization is the crucial point to take steady, well composed images with long exposure times and the tripod is the standard tool for this.What’s more,with a tripod you can get your camera in to places you couldn’t go without it.

How to attach a camera tripod

Mounting Hardware
The vast majority of cameras have a socket which has a diameter of a quarter inch for a threaded screw, and about a quarter inch of the socket is usually needed to sink into the camera. You cannot mount your camera on the tripod if there isn’t a mounting socket on your camera. There will be a friction-plate on the tripod and on the friction-plate presents a bolt which has a diameter of a quarter of an inch.Take the bolt off the friction plate,place the plate at the bottom of the camera and then mount the camera after tightening up the bolt.You can see on the top of the tripod there is an U-mount socket in which the friction plate slides into grooves.Also,there may be a quick-release lever in order to make it more secure.

Don’t tight it too hard when you set up the mounting bolt.An eighth of inch is really the maximum the bolt needs to extend into the camera body to be secure. Otherwise,it will slow down the camera swaps and takes you valuable time.So,that’s why this is particularly useful to keep in mind if you’re swapping cameras on the same tripod for different shots. Also,check if the ground is level before mounting your camera on a tripod,if you ignore this move,the image you take with the camera will not get a straight picture.Finally, form the habit of putting any parts taken out from the camera body into your camera bag.

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