How Does an HDMI Cable Work?

When you are enjoying the wonderful contents transmitted from the HDMI Cable connected you devices, have you thought about how does an HDMI work to provide such good service? This knowledge you should know, I think, especially you are using it or as a buyer or seller. As a HDMI Cable provider, our store is here to introduce how a HDMI Cable works.

HDMI Cable is namely High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable. It is the audio/video cable which transmits high-definition data in a digital format. HDMI Cables can connect a lot of media sources to the audio/video players. You can use a HDMI Cable to connect your DVD players, personal computers and video game consoles to televisions and AV receivers to enjoy a big view of the fascinating contents. The HDMI Cable converts analog signals to digital signals to improve the picture quality on high-definition televisions.

The structure of HDMI Cable is not complex. In fact, there are only 19 pins in the female end of the cable plug. Certainly, each of them serves a different purpose. The function of the first 9 pins is to convert analog signals into digital data packets which transmitted across various data channels. There are 3 pins collectively needed in convert and transmit the digital data through a given channel. The first 9 pins provide data for a total of three channels. The function of the pins 10 to 12 is to regulate the flow of data trough the first 9 pins to ensure the data signals synchronized with one another. While a lot of functions such as provide power for the HDMI cable and ensuring seamless communication between the media devices are left to realize by the remaining 7 pins.

Maybe you are still wondering why the HDMI cable consists of a pair of twisted wires. Actually, the twisted wires are responsible to the core transmission of a signal. When the HDMI cable receives a signal, one of the wires in the pair transmits the signal to the media player. The other wire transmits an inverse copy of the signal. During the signal transmission, HDMI cable converts and encodes the signal to avoid it degrading when moves in the cable. The media player receives the two signals and measure their difference which will be used to compensate for any signal degradation appeared in the transmission. As the signal transmitted in the HDMI Cable may degrade, you may confuse why there is no maximum length for HDMI cables. The fact is, even most HDMI cable manufactures don’t produce cables longer than 16 feet, there are longer cables made by high-quality materials to meet large theater usage.

After knowing how the HDMI Cable works, I’m sure you can buy one perfect for you or guide your friends to buy one fit for him/her. In the, there is a lot of good quality HDMI Cables; you can visit to choose one for yourself or your friends to enjoy the good content of the multimedia in a big view.



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