Expandable Flexi Cable Wrap wraps Keep your Cables Organized

UT Wire,flexi cable wrap which is popular around the world nowadays. There is a phenomenon that every family likes to choose it as a good material to decorate with their inner floor arrangement and office layout both at home and abroad. Therefore, with the development of science and technology, a number of people make a series of cables to satisfy your requirements.

UT Wire 8 ft. Expandable Flexi Cable Wrap

You know, this flexi cable wrap provides you with not only soft but flexible rubber material. It is beneficial for you to insert the cords. At the same time, you can pack up something lapped since it can freely expand for both large and small groupings of cords. Besides, you can quickly change and strike the routes while getting in trouble with UT wire cables. If you feel uncomfortable because of much too long scissors, you may cut down at a suitable length with them and pack a part of cords or even the entire length. What’s more, if you want to make your department with a top grade, especially the TV and computer room, please hurry up to act on buying that can make the cords of computer monitor and TV playing system in sequence and integrality.

Here are some information about cable organizer supplement in details. Firstly, they assembled in 96depth,1.25 Height and 1.25width.Secondly,they are made in electrical cords or cord management. Thirdly, the products has the height of 1.25 and the depth of 1.25 and the length of 8ft. There is no effect with manufacturer warranty. However, we offer you 90 days to return when it has any problems in right period. In order to use safely and easily, take care to install with cables that avoid to get an electric shock.

Welcome to have a look, safety and flexibility are the best choice to you. Smart UT with self consistent and bundles package have no plastic from sharp sides on your finger, this item just cost you $7.99.In the beginning, you must pay$12.09,so you can save $4.10 equal to 33%dicount until Oct,4,2014.Right here, right now. You can enjoy with our free shipment in today if you make a order in ten hours sixteen minutes. If you are interested in it, we can show more information to you and send the products to you because they are in stock. Furthermore, you can log in primecables.com to learn more about our products.

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