Durable and Sturdy JINBEI FLII-500 KIT

Welcome here to meet JINBEI FLII-500 KIT, which you are finding for a long time. You’ll lucky to find you got the right place for JINBEI FLII-500 here is not only meet your need but also has a lower price than other place online, not to say in the physical store. As you have already knows, JINBEI FLII-500 KIT is one of the Jinbei Freelander series which is a compact, easy to carry flash with a large flash capacity. The housing of the FLII-500 is made from high quality aluminium thus making it very robust. It is extremely compact and durable, and when the Freelander is fully charged you have about 350 flashes. It is enough for any job! I think you are really into it and it is surely a good thing worthy of take.

Except that, there is more information you should get clear. JINBEI FLII-500 is really durable and sturdy, it is especially ideal for location work. The Flash Guide No. (GN) of it is 66. Its recycling time is only 0.3 – 2.8 s, the Trigger Method is I Sync Cable / Flash Test Button / USB TRIGGER, so it is run very quickly to get ready. And the Flash Power Variation of FLII-500 is 5F STOP 1/1-1/16. The Model Lamp is G6 with 35W/DC12 V. It’s Model Lamp Variable from Full or ENERGY SAVING MODE. It has Li-Polymer Battery with 14.7V /4600mAH. Its Sync Voltage is DC 7V, but Operating Voltage is AC 110V – 120V. Totally it is energy-saving. The JINBEI FLII-500 is very friendly for helping you to operate. On it, there is charging Indication, if the LED Display / Buzz /, it mean JINBEI FLII-500 is charging. The Flash Duration to t=0.5 means 1/1200 s. Its color Temperature is 5500° K ± 200° K and with 1% Voltage Stabilization. For all the above, you can realized JINBEI FLII-500 is high quality to meet your job needs perfectly.

Moreover, you’ll be surprised to read the price of JINBEI FLII-500 in our store. In the packaging box, you can see a lot of things, that is, 1 FL II 500 Pack (1 head outlet) with Weight (Kg) 1.5kg in Dimensions (mm) with 180(L) x 80(W) x 205(H), 1 Lithium Polymer Battery, 1 head for the FL II 500, 1 long Sync cable, 1 shoulder strap for the pack, 1 hand handle for the FL II 500 flash head, Battery charger connector, Instruction manual and Padded hard bag to carry the gear around. Everything needed is here packaged in the box. However, if you take right now it only cost $399.99. For such a cost-effective JINBEI FLII-500, you can’t miss it. I promise you’ll like it very much. So make a deal right now, we’ll ship it from the eastern warehouse located in Montreal and our western warehouse located in Vancouver of store photogear.com, who ensures all products meet your Satisfy 100% as quickly as you expected. Its delivery also is in super fast speed. You can safely to take, its delivery is also in superfast speed, and you can get it soon.


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