Camera tripod information

There is a great invention can help photographer set the camera remains perfectly still. This is a camera tripod. It is a three-legged equipment used to hold a camera without the help of anyone’s. A camera tripod is composed of a head and a long legset. The legs are the main prop and the camera is pined to the head. If you buy a camera tripod, you could get a headset and a legset. This is a complete device.

Manfrotto 293 Carbon Fiber Tripod


The size, rigidity and the weight of a camera is totally determined by the set of the camera legs. Tripod legs are often telescopic and are spilt into many segments. The camera tripod will be folded smaller if you buy the tripod’s legs can be spilt into more sections. However, it will be more difficult to assemble if the tripod has more sections. There are many cheapest but heaviest aluminum tripod .The basalt tripod and carbon fiber camera tripod can achieved the same rigidity as the aluminum one while they are lighter. Likewise, they will cost more money if you want to purchase one.

Ball-and-Socket Heads

The camera will be installed on the tripod head which always rotates on the axis. The camera tripod often is designed in Ball-and –socket style. This kind of design would allow your camera to move in all direction when it is set down and be locked with an ordinary knob. This head could be used compactly and quickly. However, it will cause a lot of problems if you are trying to move the camera in a single direction.

Three-way heads

The three-way heads could move in three separate axes. They have horizontal, lateral as well as vertical movement. You can turn on the vertical shots with the help of the lateral axis. Photographers could pan a precise line smoothly. If you use the three-way heads tripod, it will be heavier and slower to install.


There are some little known companies produce the cheaper camera tripods. However, when you want to purchase one now, please think the possibility of you buy an unqualified tripod over. As we all know, money is not everything. Nevertheless, when you cost more for a tripod, the more possibility you will get a good product. So, please choose the assured store to purchase your camera tripod.

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Mini tripods and compact tripods

There are many different sizes of camera tripods. For example, the mini tripods are designed for those people who will take the tripod to everywhere. Some of this product is highly flexible as well as heavy duty .You can hold it against your chest to prevent your camera and ensure extra stability. Meanwhile, this kind of tripod often useful for traveling yet it always hold light cameras.

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