Where to get Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box ?

After settling the whole printer and preparing to put it into use, there’s still one thing you should not ignore: do you assemble a waste toner box? If not, this Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box maybe is the one you want. Go to 123ink.ca and get one!

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

The waste toner box is the last but not least part of a printer. After getting through magnetic roller, OPC drum, the toner which have magnetic suction effect and electrostatic interaction would be sent to waste toner box. Because of some toner have already lost their function, if the useless toner come into the new toner, the new one could be effected and lose their magnetism directly.what’s more, during the work process of toner cartridge, because of the passing of typing paper, there would be some impurities such as scraps of paper, dopant and etc. If these impurities return back to the printer, it would directly cause damage on the printer OPC which is the core of toner cartridge. When there’s scratch on your printer OPC, obscure paper is the first result you would meet. For more, some black bars or anything you don’ expect would appear in your printing paper.

The Brother OEM waste toner box adopts the high class first level brand new material. We do not adulterate any other discard od material during the process of making the waste toner box. The WT220CL possess the fine ability of acid and alkali resistance and rot resistance. This waste toner box is also nonpoisonous and tasteless and hard to react chemically interaction. This kind of waste toner box could be equipped with aluminum foil spacer to seal. The bottleneck also has a strong leakage performance. When the waste toner box is filled out, remember to clean the water toner then put the box back to the printer.

In order to guarantee the high stander of Brother’s printing effect, we suggest that you should also chose Brother quality toner cartridge because of the fact that our selected toner would lessen the probability of poor performance. Do not use any type of nebula to clean the inside or outside of the equipment which may cause fire or electric shock. Before you’re going to take out the waste toner box, please make sure the printer is on and the front cover is open. Then you could take the toner cartridge and the drum part out of the printer.For more information,please visit our online store 123ink.ca.

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