Where to find cheaper cost lenses filter for you Canon/Nikon camera ?

All photography enthusiasts know that, the role of the lenses filter is not obvious in the shooting light, but in the case of some of the backlight, lenses filter can bring significant improvements. So the lenses filter is in a very important position. But where can we find a cheaper cost lenses filter for you Canon/Nikon cameraJJC LH-60E Lens hood ? photogear.com!

JJC LH-60E Lens hood Replacement for Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens

JJC LH-60E Lens hood
JJC LH-60E Lens hood is designed for Canon EF-M 11-22mm F / 4-5.6 IS STM lens. Hood’s main function is to prevent unnecessary extension of stray light and the shadow over into the lens. JJC lh-60e with reliable quality of native ABS environmental protection plastic, in the light, side light or flash photography, can prevent the non imaging optical access and avoid the mist, in the light and side light photography, can avoid the interference of light around into the lens, the light photography or night photography, can avoid the interference of light around into the lens, lens hood can also prevent accidental damage to the lens, can also avoid finger contact lens surface, and to some extent for the lens block sand blown by wind, rain. You just need to pay $15.99 you can have it!

Hoya ND1000 filter 77mm

Hoya ND1000 filter 77mm
Hoya ND1000 filter 77mm is a professional digital filter lens, designed for Ultra-thin special lenses specially in the digital age, it has multiple sclerosis coating. This series of filters used in ultra-thin design, ultra wide angle lens will not appear on occlusion and dark corner. Hoya ND1000 filter without changing the subject original color tendency at the same time, can greatly reduce the amount of light. It is widely used in water, such as waterfall scene. The same extended aperture, shutter exposure time by reducing the amount of light can, to emphasize the picture dynamic water, waterfall. At the same time, the Hoya ND1000 filter is suitable for large aperture lens, by reducing the exposure, unchanged in the shutter time, we can use a larger aperture, virtual background, to control the depth of field, highlight the theme. You just need to pay $105.99 you can have it!

JJC LH – 73
Use JJC LH – 73 is very beneficial to improve the quality of filming when you are outside.JJC LH-73 inner wall is after multiple extinction treatment. The inner wall of the reflectivity of only about 10%, when used by itself does not generate the refractive index of the lens. Use JJC LH-73 to suppress stray light halo, avoid the picture into the lens, the barrier and splash, protect your camera and lenses from accidental collision, for the full play of lens optical potential quality will play a role and the effect of good.

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