What is CAT7 networking cable (category 7)and how is it different to others ?

With the rapid development of optical communication technology, optical fiber into access network has become an inevitable trend. CAT7 is the ideal of broadband access network transmission media, it has low manufacturing cost, simple structure, good scalability, facilitate the advantages of the network upgrades,it is mainly used for building integrated wiring and computer integrated wiring, etc.

Cat 7 network cables

Cat7 as a high-speed transmission line applied to the ISP to provide ADSL, CATV network services, such as compatible to correspond to a new generation of optical fiber network speed using the environment, support 10 gbase – T, 1000 base – Tx, 100 base-t, 10 base-t, 155/622 Mbps ATM, 100 vg – AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), wire conforms to the RoHS standard, double shielding structure, effectively block crosstalk and external electromagnetic interference (four pairs of twisted-pair are sallowness coated with aluminum foil, outer metal cladding), to achieve stable high-speed transmission quality, plug through the design of security structure and not easy to damage to pick up together, let the consumer is also more convenient in use.

Now let me tell you the difference of  cat5 and  cat7, the difference between them.Cat5 with a kind of high quality insulation material, cable maximum frequency bandwidth of 100 MHZ, maximum rate of 100 MBPS, used for voice transmission and high transfer rate of 100 MBPS data transmission, it is mainly used for 100 base-t and 1000 base-t network, the net is 100 m long, in the form of rj connector. This is the most commonly used Ethernet cable. Within the twisted-pair cables, different lines with different length of lay. Usually, 4 of twisted-pair wring pitch period within 38.1 mm length, according to counterclockwise twisting, a pair of lines of twisting length within 12.7 mm. But CAT 7 line network, the transmission bandwidth into CAT 5 e 6 times, 2.4 times that of the CAT 6 can be up to 600 MHZ bandwidth, such as bandwidth can achieve the high speed transmission effectively, and prevent the error data in transmission. Provide you with high quality video audio transmission.

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