Westcott Acrylic Ruler, 12″/30cm

Any student who is studying math would realize the importance of a ruler. Not having the right kind can cause F grades too. Would you want it for your son or your daughter, if you are a parent, or would you want this F grade for yourself if you were a student? The answer to this one is an obvious no. This is why we suggest you get for yourselves or for your kids, the 015-20020 Westcott-Acrylic-Ruler, which is 12”/30 cm in size. This ruler would wipe away all your worries with its unique properties and design. The features of it are endless. You may want to know how. First and of course of vital importance as well is its feature of durability. Any product you purchase must be durable if it has to be worth buying. This durability leads one to develop a love for that particular product. This ruler is durable and stays in use for long.

Westcott Acrylic Ruler, 12 30cm

If you are a student, you may understand well, the importance of a ruler. You may also be aware of the fact how important it is for a ruler to let you make exact and accurate measurements. This is why we design this ruler, keeping in mind, every slight detail for we do not want to see red marks or red lines on your answer sheets. This Westcott Ruler has on it, vivid points, both starting as well as ending points so that you do not miss out the chance of measuring accurately with absolute precision. With this ruler, the likelihood of getting better grades would increase for sure because it is the ruler that would help you measure accurately. This model comes in a transparent form, which makes your work easier to handle.

It gets annoying when the rulers one uses are a cause of scratches on the sheets or papers. The amazing quality of this flexible Acrylic Ruler is that it is scratch resistant. You would find your sheets free of errors or scratches if you make the right use of this model. The size of the ruler is 12” 30 cm long. It has a hang up hole on top of it too. This would allow you to hang it up on wall or any nail so that you always keep it safe with you and the chance of losing it gets minimal. Get this now. Order it online by letting us know because we would offer you free shipping for all orders. If you would like to know, more details of this as well as similar products that we offer then pay a visit to our website at 123ink.ca

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