Universal Car Mount Holder for GPS/Smart Phone/PDA/MP4/etc

Get the best position for your device in the car!
Universal Car Mount Holder is just the one thing you want if you still feel uncomfortable while using your device in driving. We all feel troublesome when we need to hold our phone or something in driving. That’s dangerous. But we could not leave our phone or GPS because we do need to know how to get to our destination on it. And that’s the reason why we provide you with this universal car mount holder. Once you get this holder, you could free your hands from being as a holder and focus on the steering wheel. And your phone or other device will just being placed within your view.

Universal Car Mount Holder for GPS/Smart Phone/PDA/MP4/etc

This car mount holder is suitable for lots of devices such as GPS, Smart Phone, PDA MP4 and etc. It has quite a flexible structure: 360 degrees rotatable design makes sure that you could see the screen clearly and conveniently. Also, the powerful suction helps you place your holder on almost any flat such as car plastics and we recommend the windows or windshield. Don’t worry when put your phone or other devices in the holder and wondering whether it will fall and broke your phone or other device. We make a grid to ensure all shape of your phone or devices are safe and secure. This holder also is easy to assemble and you could enjoy your time while putting it together.

According to our research, this car mount holder could serve better when it stick to the left corner of your windshield. This point of view will make you feel more comfortable while driving and needing to check on your phone or device on the holder. It could make the users easier to look at the screen. Just one tips before you use this holder: clean the glass before you mount the holder on it. This small step could make your holder mounted more firmly. And it you want to remove the car mount holder, it still easy! Just split the suction away from the surface in one side beginning. Then clean the new place a little bit and mount it.

This car mount holder could not only be used easily in the car but also in other places with a flat surface. It just depends on your creative mind. What’s more, you could get it only by $6.99! Much lower price than the original! If you want to find more convenient and real-world product to optimize your world, here’s your choice:phonegala.com

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