Transform your iphone 5/5s to Action Cam with HITCASE !

Apple has become one of the most sought after brands in the world,thanks to innovative and hugely popular products such as the iPod,the iPhone and more recently the iPad.Especially the latest iPhone 5/5s.Therefore,The Globa Accessories Developers are rack their brains to gives iphone even more practical functionality.”Emperor day does not lose pains person”!CheatR Mount is recently strikes again with a rugged iPhone case – Hitcase.Unlike the traditional photography suit,it also comes with a special bandage to fix the iPhone in chest,That can help to captures the most intuitive perspective.

Transform your iphone 5 5s to Action Cam with HITCASE

CheatR Mount’s Hitcase,is a specially iPhone photography suite for extreme sports enthusiasts who love sharing their adventures with friends.Not only is this Hitcase waterproof,shockproof and quite flexible, as you can put it in 10 meters deep water,of course water will not get in, the deepest of any touchscreen capable iPhone case on the market. Heading out in the Kayak or Surf board? No problem. Need a motorbike GPS? Our specialty. Our ShockSeal keeps out water and dust with a patent pending H-seal design, offering an extra barrier over standard single seal o-ring cases.With our patent-pending ShockSeal is designed to protect your iPhone from the elements, shocks and drops so you’re free to adventure with confidence.The patent-pending ShockSeal system also incorporates a super thin waterproof seal for both the speaker and microphone allowing you to make or receive calls in any sort of weather or conditions.Hitcase’s machined stainless steel power and volume buttons give reassuring tactile feedback even through gloves. Make a call in the middle of a rain or dust storm or even play Angry Birds between surf sessions.The most interested thing that I find in this super case is the Protect shell design with a Lexan window to provide users a convenient touch operation. It greatly expands your effective field of view on your iPhone® so you can grab more of the scene in your videos.

Since Hitcase is built for outdoor and action sports enthusiasts,like motocross or auto racing tracks,Hence,Hitcase has been tested that can be used in high vibration environments.The ShockSeal is the heart of Hitcase; and ShockPad; dual protection system. These two components work in conjunction to surround the iPhone’s sides with a solid unbroken wall of silicone and the back with with custom impact absorbing Poron to absorb vibration and impact.while the tough ABS/Polycarbonate exterior is scratch and impact resistant with a finely textured rubberized surface for an easy grip. Never worry about dropping your iPhone again.

The Hitcase Pro turns your iPhone into an excellent action camera on it’s own without having to carry extra gear.With the beautiful wide angle lens and our free Vidometer app you can easily upload your crazy rides to Youtube, instantly. Hitcase Pro is designed to be tough enough to handle abuse, yet still gives you complete access to the touchscreen and is easily removed in seconds (we can do it in less than 3 seconds, how fast can you?). We like to say its like hiking boots. You put them on when you need them, and Hitcase makes it easy.

Already have a HITCASE ? No problem! The Hitcase is now available in it now on the


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