Tiffany style table lamp for your living space

A table lamp will not only provide essential light or accentuate the interiors of a room, it adds an element of style and elegance to any room or space you add it to. If you wish to opt for a Tiffany style table lamp, you will surely have specific interiors in mind which you want to highlight or a space you want to decorate with such a stylish piece. Today there are different kinds of table lamps available, some functional, some having modern designs and some with retro and decorative styles.

Tiffany-Style Table Lamp

Tiffany style table lamps reminisce of the Victorian style of interior design. If you have an ornate style table or furniture of the Victorian era, such a table lamp will match such furniture very well. Such a Victorian style table lamp comes in ornate iron with decorative canopy style bulb covers. It is sure to fit in with any retro style interior, be it a living room, a corner by the hallway where you place a wooden table or a stand and even by writing tables. Such a lamp can be a great gift item which you could order and surprise your friends or loved ones with. If anyone is getting married or is celebrating a home warming party, this lamp will be a great gift item for them. You can even find other great ideas of interiors that are matching accessories with this ornate style table lamp. Pendant ceiling lamps or floor lamps are other options to consider as well.

This particular table lamp comes with the following features:

  • It has a geometric pattern with handcrafted glass fitted on the shades
  • The light emitted has a warm, amber glow
  • Lighting system consists of two light down lighting
  • It would require two base bulbs of 60 watt capacity
  • The canopy dimensions are eighteen inches in diameter

The Tiffany style table lamp is priced at $279.99 and is available at a 21% discount. This reduced price is valid on all orders placed till 10th July, 2014. The shipping costs are included which makes it a really great deal.

You can review the manufacturer and find out the guarantee terms on this product. You will gain all assurance that you need to finalize about his purchase. Place your order today at You will find a wide range of similar items and links to other reliable sites. This site has secure payment option for you to make payments online in a safe manner and your order will be dispatched as soon as possible.

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