Tiffany-Style Table Lamp 16″ Base Rose – Elegance and Style Combined

There is always something very classy about incorporating tiffany style products in your room furniture. Tiffany-Style Table Lamp is just the thing for people who adore having antique furniture. Adorned with pieces of art glass each having its unique color and design, the lamp looks all the more stylish. It is a 22’’ high and 16’’ wide lamp with an E26 bulb base. The main material used in the lamp is glass and the secondary material is resin which is used to give it a handsome finish. The base features an intricate design of roses with tiny circles around them at the bottom and right in the middle of the stand. It has a circular base and a tall, shiny, slender body. The dark, smooth and rich color of the base combined with a soft, mellow tone of the glass with a diffused look makes the lamp look wonderful.

Tiffany Style Table Lamp 16 Base Rose

16″ Base Rose lamp comes with a double pull string which makes it very easy to turn the light on and off. The long shiny strings are delicate and easy to pull. The lamp operates with two 60W incandescent bulbs. The operating voltage for the lamp is 110V. It has tapered edges which makes it safe, easy and convenient to use. The lamp features a number of strong base lines and a soft, subtle tinge of wonderful colors. It is a stylish blend of classic and modern art of tiffany-style lamps to present a distinctive and exclusive look. With its vast triangular top, the light spreads out and is sufficient for reading, writing, making notes or simply to make the room look brighter.

Other furniture items that are popular with the Rose Table Lamp include a Tiffany-Style floor lamp that may be propped up against the wall or placed in some corner of the room. Apart from that a Tiffany-Style pendant to be hung from the roof is another popular choice to be made with the table lamp. Overall, in order to enhance the lighting experience the lamp may be used with other tiffany-style products giving the room a very classic yet stylish look.

Limited quantity of Tiffany-Style Table Lamps is available i.e. 6 items in stock so you better get your hands on this exquisite piece of furniture quickly. The model number is LS16T00017643-LB16T01283R and the lamp costs for $349.00 only. The best part is that there is free shipping for all orders. Don’t waste time and order your 16″ Base Rose lamp today by visiting the following website:

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