Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp 18″ Down Light – Lighting All The Way

A tall, beautiful floor lamp is what completes the perfect home décor. It helps to make the room look well lit without really coming into your way or occupying much space. Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp 18″ Down Light is an ideal choice to make if you are shopping for good floor lamps. The designer of this lamp explicitly emphasized on the simple style. The design involves crosspatches that are geometrically drawn and equally distant. It has a monochromatic amber colored tone. It seems as if a number of golden, expensive jewels have been casted on the glass and it shines so brilliantly that it takes your breath away.

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp 18 Down Light

It has a short, pointed little tip at the top that is colored brown that gives it a special character. It has two short delicate pull strings. The double pull string mechanism makes it easy to handle and convenient to use. The Tiffany-style lamps are very in these days. They look traditional and fashionable and people with good taste have a great liking for these products. The lamp breaks with the tradition of having triangular or empire style head and comes with a nearly dome-shaped head that enhances the whole lighting experience. The color combination is very interesting and complements the design of the lamp. A slight tint of blue with the glass stained light yellow, the color combination is very interesting.

Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp

It has a golden brown, long stand that complements the yellow stained glass. The main material is glass and secondary material is resin which is used to make the base and the stand. The base is circular which makes it stable enough. It uses a standard E26 bulb base. The dimensions of the lamp are 18’’/ 64’’ (W/H). Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp 18″ Down Light uses two incandescent bulbs. The maximum allowable wattage of the bulb used in the lamp is 60W per bulb. The operating voltage for the amazing new floor lamp is 110V. Item number for the product is LS18T00007067-LB18F00062Z. There is a huge demand for this exquisite piece of furniture for home décor therefore get your piece now before it is too late as only 6 items are left in stock. The floor lamp costs for only $449.00 so it is in your budget and quite affordable. There is free shipping for all orders. Therefore in order to get Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp 18″ Down Light for Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Study Room now or to look for more products of your interest visit us now


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