Tiffany-Style Bank Table Lamp Classic

Are you looking for a Elegant table lamp for your room? If you are, the Tiffany-Style Bank Table Lamp Classic  may be a good option. It is not only beautiful like a decoration in your home, but also can add sophistication to your home with this attractive Bankers Accent Lamp with 1 Light. In fact, this accent table lamp is a great way to augment the lighting in your room with style. The main material of it is glass, while in the secondary, the materials is metal. The dimension of it is 10.24″ wide, 13″high. The Bulb Base of it is E26. There is only 1PCS (No Bulb Included) Bulbs with incandescent. The normal use voltage of it is 110V, while its all wattage is MAX.40W. So, it is not power waster. It is easy to turn on and turn off and can be put wherever you like for it is not too heavier. Now, it is only cost $89.00. If you want one, you should take action as quickly as you can for there are only 18 in stock. It is perfectly for use in rooms. What’s more, if you like reading or writing in the evening. To protect your eyes, you can’t miss it.

With Table Lamp BK09001X, the mood of your room can be change to well. It’s beautiful and classic appearance also can improve the taste of your home. I promise if there is a guest or your family members see it, they will happy and praise your eyesight. You’ll feel more love to see it in your room as time going, even for decorating. Moreover, table lamp BK09001X is made with good enough to provide you best service at home. And its bulb is easy to change for standard bulb which is fit for it. As an integrity company, our store encourages you to take. It is really good quality and useful in room when the natural light is not clear enough, especially when reading books. It can help you to protect your or your kids’ eyes from the dingy light.

Table lamp BK09001X is really worthy of taking. As so cost-effective products, its quality is ensured to meet your needs 100%. You can safely order one for your home to enjoy the goods it can take for you. It can not only just function well but also be a home member to comply with you when night coming. It is the right time to take for its quantity is limited and price in so low right now. Maybe a little late, it sold out all. No hesitation anymore, make a deal right now in our store, it can be free shipped for you the day after tomorrow, and you can get it as soon as possible. Nice shopping!

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