The best source for your camera accessories store is a camera accessories large-scale online supermarket, you can complete the camera accessories category to choose the most suitable for your products. At the same time, you can know the latest price, mobile phone accessories discount promotions, netizen comment guide, pictures and other related content, we offer you the best service. Let me introduce the source for your camera accessories store.

Photogear provide you with Cameras & Lenses, Flashes & Transmitters, Tripods & Monopods, Battery & DSLR grips, Studio & Lighting, Lens filters & Hoods, Camera bags and so on, as long as you need, we will do our best for you. Photogear strongly recommends for you the world’s most awarded photographic lens line:Tamron Super Wide Angle SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II Lens for Canon has small volume large aperture, can realize the power performance, the background of virtual characters bold highlights the portrait photography. The shutter speed to avoid jitter snapshot. As well as the twilight scenery and night. It is to inherit the design idea, F/2.8 large aperture lens of excellence, the mirror body is easy to carry, small volume and light weight. APS-C digital SLR camera shooting fun, so more to improve access to. Hold the wide-angle end 26mm wide field of vision, designed specifically for the APS-C format digital SLR camera characteristics of optical design, the 26-78mm focal length is equivalent to 35mm format coverage.

Tamron SP 70-200mm f,2.8 Di VC USD Zoom Lens for Nikon

The wide-angle end focal length 1 (equivalent to 35mm format 26mm), small volume and wider than the ordinary standard zoom lens. In addition, become an independent school at the same level of large aperture standard zoom lens, can realize the recent photographic distance 27cm all focal length macro shooting. 50mm end of photography magnification 1:4.5 also reached similar products, can enjoy the fun of macro photography. Sensor APS-C size than the 35mm film area is small, so the actual image size is equivalent to 35mm format camera 1:3.0’s largest photography magnification range. SP Di II lens, adopted digital high-definition optical design, with high resolution, high contrast, low distortion, etc. To curb the reflection of incident light and the camera Internal sensor caused by the ghost and the image quality degradation, the new development of the composite coating and Internal surface coating technology, etc. For digital SLR than film cameras are more likely to appear around the dark corners, the strengthening to improve.

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